Club History

In 1953 the Atlantic Underwater Club was founded. After 14 years in existence members belonging to the Atlantic Underwater Club decided to form there own club to accommodate divers living in the Northern Suburbs. On the 24th August 1967 the Northern Underwater Diving Club (today, the Bellville Underwater Diving Club) was formed. Founder members consisted of Danie Vos, George Smit, Frans van Wyk, Piet van Wyk and Berg van Reede. The first meeting was held at the Outspan Hotel in Bellville and later meetings were held at the founder members residents. Unable to afford a clubhouse, it was decided to register the club as a sports club at the Bellville Sport Federation, hoping that the City of Bellville would supply a building to accommodate the club. To do so, the name of the club was changed from Northern Underwater Diving Club to Bellville Underwater Diving Club. Thereafter an application for a clubhouse at the Bellville Sport Federation resulted in the club moving into an old storage garage of the City of Bellville at the Jack Muller Park were it has been accommodated ever since.